The Cheese Crawl Liverpool

The Cheese Crawl Liverpool
From GBP £25.00
  • Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Liverpool, Liverpool
  • Product code: LCHEESE

Calling all curd nerds and turophiles - yep there's a word for your love of cheese - Liverpool's finest cheeses are being wrapped up into one 2 hour walking tour!

You have not truly explored Liverpool until you tour as a turophile. Get involved in Liverpool’s first and grate-est cheese crawl!

The crawl is 2 hours of non stop in-curd-edible action. There will be a cheese whizz quiz and of course a little bit of fizz. 

The crawl will be packed full of the finest of Liverpool's brie-liant cheeses, with very mature fun facts, and the chance to heckle your quizmaster with your favourite cheese puns that will have your group crumbling faster than a wensleydale. 

Meanwhile you’ll feta believe you’ll learn a bit about cheese making, and be introduced to some cheese mongers and shops you just camembert to stay away from. 

It’s a whole different kind of ‘cultured’.